Hi, I’m Brandy Baxter.

Veteran | Trainer | Community Leader

I’m passionate about eliminating economic instability for working class families; expanding the conversation about veteran women to include those who are not broken, but braver because of their military service; and building a network of women of color who support, promote, and celebrate one another. I associate with organizations that align with those objectives.

What People Are Saying...

What I do

I deliver personalized coaching services that move my clients from “I think, I wish, I hope” to “Mission Accomplished!” 

I Coach.

I offer you my “Coaching K.I.T” – Knowledge, Individuality and Time. I will partner with you to move your future goals closer to your present reality. Check out my coaching programs and let’s schedule a time to talk about what goal you want to move from then, to Now!

I Speak.

I want to challenge your audience to take nothing for granted. I can motivate, facilitate, and train your audience to move from being stuck in the past to assessing the present, while embracing the future. Let’s talk about how you can book me as your next Keynote or Guest Speaker!

I Lead.

As a leader in my community, I am a member of several national and local organizations.  I have also started two organizations that make my heart happy. I believe community is not based solely on my zip code, but rather on the ideals, values and goals that are shared by others. 

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